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Der Bombenentschärfer

Münstersche Zeitung:
"An explosive ground Theatre: The Melodions with
the philosophical play "The bomb disposal expert"

A mine field is a strange place to be playing music.
In the Melodions new theatre production the absurdity of the farcical setting is put in the
face of the absurdity of so called civilisation. This Wednesday was premiere.

A musician and a bomb disposal expert meet in the middle of nowhere. One of them
wants to be musically accompanied during the dangerous work, the other wants fast
money without knowing what he has let himself in for.
The Italian author Ferruccio Cainero wrote this play specifically for these actors.
Dialogue and songs reveal the motivation of the protagonists.

At some stage it's not about mines anymore. After the song "Take a walk on the
wild side" it's clear what this play is about. The reason for living, -happiness,
if only short term even in the face of death. The ultimate kick, that euphoric feeling
that sets in when you notice that you have just escaped death.

Of course it's also an indictment on war.
The bomb disposal expert tells of mines that are made from toys in order to maim children.
And only highly developed cultural political regimes allow this evil to exist. And this play portrays the situation without raising the warning finger. And this is good. Because it could easily have become an abstract, cold, good intentioned play. In the "Bomb disposal expert" it's the outsider, who reveals how low apparent normality can get. The feeling of having the power over death through defusing the deadly weapon is the decisive point. So, in spite of the millions of mines it doesn't really matter if the fight is successful or not. The point of the matter is that the will to succeed is there.
Finally the last words of the bomb disposal expert are: "Do you know how to swallow an elephant? One bite after the other!" - Jan Totzek