Photo aus dem Melodions-Programm

Critics 2

Heilbronner Stimme:

"As backbiting, sometimes over the top competitors. A pomadised self conceited musical genius (Klaus Renzel) in morning coat meets his countrylike pendant in tweed, played by Gerry Sheridan. Master and servant. Shakingly exciting, lack shoes and wide legged contra a vigorous and survivor mentality pokerface...

Strikingly impressive Klaus Renzel goes hand in hand with the ironical verbal sharpness and disillusionment through which Gerry Sheridan leaves a stunningly sharp stage presence. But what would the rediculous pirouettes of the one be without the steadfast physical engagement of the other? Renzel`s conciously weak modulated voice without Sheridan`s earthy blues intonation? No question about it, the comedians don`t just fit together as hand and glove but they rather swing their comedyshow higher and higher. It`s a miracle that the sublety and fine humor remain inspite of the perfect timing and well filed choreography..."